Texas Industrial Photographer

Location photographer services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas specializing in the photography of industrial subject matter for advertising, collateral brochures and corporate publications, multimedia presentations and web pages.

an Ice Cannon used to test roof tiles ability to survive hail storms
Dallas Photographer Christopher Mann always likes to collaborate with the client on site during the shoot, but is comfortable going it alone when they don't have the time or are too far away.
Mann Photography carries 4 million dollars in liability insurance.

Christopher Mann has been creating commercial photography for over 25 years.
Chris likes having the client at the shoot, but is quite comfortable when they can not be there.

Below is a Quicktime VR 360 degree interactive panoramas created by Chris Mann for ATI, the technology school via his VirtualVisitor business. Click your mouse on the window, hold down and drag it in any direction.
click the photo above to see the motorcycle spin 360 degrees

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