Christopher Mann Photography

1. my approach cameras & computers 3.conventional photo equipment
5. studio 6. miscellaneous

1. my approach
I specialize in shooting on location, and all the problems that entails.
I have ability to art direct myself. I can come up with the concept of the photograph. When there is an art director, I relish the opportunity to brainstorm on the shot list and ideas. But the bottom line is that after I have put my 2 cents in, I can follow the direction of the art director and/or client.
I am very comfortable in putting my subjects at ease. I am quite good at giving direction and posing them. I feel obligated to make them look their best.
I am flexible. I can spend all day on one shot, or I can crank out 30 shots in a day. Of course, the more time you put into a shot, the better it will look. I will always try to get more time per shot so I can produce top quality work. But when the client needs to crank it out, I can do that. I have done it many times before.

2. digital cameras & workstation

  1. -I have 13 years experience working with desktop computers and digital photography:
  2. -State of the art high definition Nikon professional cameras and lenses
  3. -24 GBs of Compact Flash Cards
  4. -powerful and modern MAC and PC desktop and laptop computers
    (I prefer Apple Macintosh)
  5. -CD/DVD writersDVD burners, print scanner, printers
  6. -connected to the internet with Fiber Optic Fios (5mb/sec up, 20mb/sec downloads

3. conventional photography equipment

  1. -complete 4x5 large format Sinar view camera system
  2. -”studio” strobe system that I never use in the studio but take on location.
  3. -tungsten lighting system
  4. -grip equipment includes, light filters, soft boxes, light control apparatus, light stands, flags, cutters, gobos, gels, clamps, ladders, etc.
  5. -portable flashes and strobes
  6. -lots of tripods
  7. -lots of cases

4. software

  1. -Adobe Photoshop CS4
  2. -Adobe ImageReady software that optimizes images for web use.
  3. -Quark Xpress page layout
  4. -Adobe GoLive Cyberstudio web page editor
  5. -Toast CD-ROM authoring software
  6. -Quicktime VR Authoring Studio
  7. -RealViz VR Stitcher
  8. -PTMac
  9. -PanoTools
  10. -PTViewer Java delivery software for VR tours

5. Studio

The studio I have access to is complete with a 30-foot-wide cyc wall, a 30' by 40' shooting area, a makeup/dressing room, studio tables, a 12-foot studio stand (with matching ladder), and a super boom. It is located near downtown's Anatole Hotel and the World Trade Center. It costs $200/ per day

6. Miscellaneous

I have my private pilot's license, I teach mountain biking, I know how to sail and to white water canoe. I speak enough French to get by, I am an experienced international traveler, and I have my passport.

since 1995