additional photography for the article currently running in Toyota Trails:

What I learned in the Maze..... confessions of a rookie

by Christopher Mann 972-313-1728 email

(scroll down to see a map of the area, links and interactive panoramas)

click here to see 137 more photographs of my trip into the Maze with Bob Devereux and Mark Algazzy. This trip was about a lot more than just Land Cruisers. After you click the link, you can start the 14 minute slide show to run automatically, by clicking the little arrow in. Click the right arrow to manually move to the next slide.


photos, specs and history of my FJ60

Scroll Down, to see"virtual tours" interactive 360 degree panoramas of a few special spots on this trip

thanks to Todd Kaderabek for running my story and photographs in Toyota Trails, thanks to Bob Devereux for inviting me on this trip, and thanks to Mark Algazzy for helping with some of the phrasing in my article.

Click here to see my aviation photography

Click here to see my architectural photogrpaphy

Click here to see my virtual tour and interactive panorama photography

click here to see some even BIGGER TRUCKS I photographed

Click Here to see 9 more 360 degree interactive panoramas like the one below. (Quicktime required)
click in the window above, hold down your mouse button, drag mouse right to look right, up to look up, etc.

hold shift key to zoom in, control key to zoom out.

by Christopher Mann 972-313-1728 email